30 diciembre, 2014

Wisdom of our Great Zoroastrian King Darius

Wisdom of our Great Zoroastrian King Darius, A Moral code for all the Aryans*
King Darius says: By the grace of Ahura Mazda I am a friend of the righteous person, and I am not a friend of the wrong doer. It is not my wish that the weak should be harmed by the strong, nor that the strong be harmed by the weak.
I am not hot-tempered. What things develop in my anger, I hold firmly under control by my thinking power. 
What a man says against another man, that does not convince me, until I hear the sworn statements of both. 
~ (lines from King Darius’ royal Inscription; DNb, Naghsh Rostam- Pars, IRAN)
* * * *
The solemn words of great King Darius show his reverence for truth, his opposition to lies (druj) and his Justice as a king; words which are an echo of the teachings of our beloved prophet Ashu Zartosht in his sacred Gathas.. The reverence of truth and following the laws of Asha are at the core of our religion - Zoroastrianism - and infact were the beliefs upon which our mighty Achaemenian kings had established our empire.

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