16 diciembre, 2014

Today is Dadar

Today is Dadar Ahura Mazda (Hormazd) Roj,
Mithra : Dehad Daheshni Dadgar – Dadar Ahura Mazda = Dadar Ahura Mazda ni bashksheso, hamu pamye.
With His Grace, I lead my virtuous life.
1. Be benevolent contributor to others.
2. Speak truth : I quote : ‘The ancient Persian people taught their sons to ride horses, shoot bows & speak the truth.
The Persians considered it disgrace to lie or to be in debt’. I unquote : ‘ World Book’, Persia, Ancient, p.297
3. Righteousness and good actions, eventually, speed up the spiritual progress of oneself.
4. Humility and power of tolerance are one of the greatest virtues of man kind.
5. Straight forwardness and humbleness in oneself, inspires others to follow the suit.
6. Prayer brings in one self, the art of living which transforms the darkness of ignorance to the divine light of knowledge.
Asho Zarathustra very eagerly wanted to know from Dadar Ahura Mazda : ” Reveal unto me, O Mazda-Ahura, which of Thy names are the most beneficent, the most effective & the holiest as would enable me to smite all evil & attain an existence free from all evil-doers.”
Then pronounced Ahura -Mazda, ” I am Existence itself , the One & only reality.
Secondly, I am the Spiritual Leader of man kind.
Thirdly, Am I Omnipresent.
Fourthly, The Highest Righteousness.
Fifthly, Do I embody all the gifts of Nature.
Sixth, I am the Supreme Intelligence.
Seventh, The Possessor of all Wisdom.
Eighth, Am I Wisdom itself.
Ninth, The Possessor of all Wisdom.
Tenth, Am I Prosperity itself.
Eleventh, The bringer of all Prosperity.
Twelfth, Am I the Creator of all Life (Ahura).
Thirteenth, I am the Lord Benefactor
Fourteenth, One bears enmity to none.
Fifteenth, The Victorious Am I.
Sixteenth, The Judge of all human actions.
Seventeenth, The All Seeing.
Eighteenth, I Am The Health-giver.
Nineteenth, The Architect of the Universe.
Twentieth, The Omniscient -Mazda.”
” O Zarathustra ! In order to over come all evil, thou should-st recite these names, ‘names’ of Mine in Loud- Prayer by Day & by Night.”
Zarathosti Din Shaan Baad.

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