08 abril, 2014


Farvardiganis Farvardin mah, Farvardin roj, called the Farvardegan day. On this day, we remember fondly the Fravashis of all those who passed away. And we also pay homage to Zarathushti saints and ancient Kyanian and saintly kings. The prayers ideal for the day are Satum-no-Kardo (Stom Karda) and for those who have time, the Farvardin Yasht. Many Zarathushtis will be going to the Doongerwadi in Mumbai (and other places) for the Jashans and other ceremonies which will be performed there. The Jashan ceremony at the Mumbai Doongerwadi will be performed at 5.30 pm at the Guzdar pavilion followed by a Humbandagi to invoke the blessings of the departed and pray for their progress in the ethereal world. The Doongerwadi at Kemps Corner in Mumbai is a very good place to visit. It is a lush green belt, ecologically healthy and environmentally friendly place. The whole area is serene and calm and if one is lucky one may even spot the lovely colourful peacocks who run around freely.